Kennedale Fleet Services, Heavy Duty Shop Office Expansion

This expansion and renovation project includes the complete renovation of existing office space, doubling the office space footprint and adding space for a lunchroom with natural light, a training room, revamped office and change room space, fully upgraded washrooms, and complete new mechanical and electrical services.   Challenges included all site services – water main, […]

TELUS TTV Monitoring

telus ttv

New TTV monitoring centre for distribution and quality assurance of TTV services. New offices, monitoring station and consoles, service spaces and expansion areas, VOD secure room, storage spaces and meeting rooms. The design was tightly fit into an existing space where control of sound and light were paramount.

Windmill, Lithuania

Windmill, Lithuania

The owner of a windmill in Lithuania who wanted to convert it into a bed and breakfast came to us to ask for ideas and designs for the conversion.  This windmill had been owned by a family who lost their land and possessions during the Soviet era.  After Lithuania’s return to self government the original […]