Government Centre New Emergency Generator Building

Government Centre New Emergency Generator Building

As work on the new Federal Building Grounds came to a close the user/ client group determined a need to upgrade the backup power generation to two owned 750 KW gensets and two new 1 MW gensets. We were retained to conceptualize the new requirements and design a new building to house them that needed to be designed such that all cooling could be done by recirculated or outside air – no A/C.

This is a carefully designed building on an extremely tight and highly visible site for three gensets plus expand space for a fourth. The entire building is about mechanical ventilation, and the shape of the building is designed around louvers, airflow, sound attenuation and to match yet be different from the iconic surrounding buildings.


Alberta Infrastructure


Clark Builders


Structural, , RJC Consulting Engineers Mechanical, Hukalo Oberg Engineering Ltd, Electrical MP&P Engineering Ltd


$4.2 M


Design start to construction completion, 2014-2016
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