Purolator Edmonton, Washroom Renovation

Purolator Edmonton, Washroom Renovation

The Purolator distribution centre located in the north end area of the city of Edmonton in a large warehouse needed refreshed washroom facilities for the near 500 rotating staff. The facility functions 24 hours 7 days a week. As one can imagine, washrooms would experience a great deal of wear and tear.

Previous finishes were also rough and uninviting. The washroom facilities were a point of interaction for
Cooperates, Clients and Employees. A refresh would help improve the image of the facility as well as resolve occurring plumbing issues associated with heavy use.

Finishes had to have an updated modern appeal and as well as durability. Paper towels were eliminated in favour of automatic hand dryers. Floor mounted hand wash sinks that used excess water, were eliminated for refined wall mounted trough sinks, improving water usage. Vanity style wash basins were retained in the female washrooms.


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