St. Matthews Church, Church Hall Addition

The church hall addition was a direct response to the needs of a growing Church congregation. The addition accommodates a formal administration office block, a 200 capacity Hall with kitchen, washroom, bar and coat room facilities. Storage was also important for the client. Storage space was integrated the plan at the basement level and later during construction on the main floor level adjacent to the Administration block for ease of use.

The design of the addition sought to answer pertinent questions. Can a historic building be enlarged for a new use without destroying what is historically significant? And just what is significant about each particular historic building that should be preserved? Finally, what new construction is appropriate to the old building?

The Circular Church has historic significance for the area and we sought to not diminish its prominence. The addition went through several design iterations varying from simple to modern, with the intent of finding a subservient option that would satisfy the program and look appropriate attached to the existing Church.

Materials are primarily interior drywall on steel stud partitions, face brick veneer on concrete block wall.


St. Matthews Church






Completion 2019
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