TELUS – New Generator Penthouse

The First Toll Rooftop penthouse we designed is for five 1 MW gensets and associated cooling – it is a 2 level penthouse with a cooling level below and the gensets on the second level. It includes a four level hoistway inserted into the exiting 14 floor building. Clad in bright blue panels it is […]

Pivot Data Centres ( Rogers Data Centres)

Edmonton2 : new 5000 m2 Data Centre with external AHUs and custom architectural duct system and new west building wall, Catwalks and platforms for new gensets, AHUs, complete design of new white space, power rooms,  switching rooms, plus business resumption space, client office areas, secure entry, mantrap and mural.

Government Centre New Emergency Generator Building

Government Centre New Emergency Generator Building

As work on the new Federal Building Grounds came to a close the user/ client group determined a need to upgrade the backup power generation to two owned 750 KW gensets and two new 1 MW gensets. We were retained to conceptualize the new requirements and design a new building to house them that needed […]